I have a great pleasure to visit you in my website. I have graduated Military Medical Academy in Lodz in 1996 in faculty on medcine with the mean mark 4,83 and with honours by the Rector. During the study I was a representative my Academy to the contacts with Sanitary’s Academy of Bundeswehr in Munnich. I practiced in this city 6 times.
In December 2000 I have passed an examination in general surgery. In March 2006 specialization examination in general surgery was passed too. Doctoral dissertation with honours by the Rector of the Medical University of Łódź was in June 2007. Already like a surgeon I have practised in Medical University in Lubeck in 2002 and in Munich in 2004 year.
In 2012, Medical University in Lodz gave me a PhD assistant professor of medical science.

I am a member of:
  • Polish Surgery Assotiation,
  • Polish Hernia Club,
  • Sektion of Videosurgery by Polish Surgery Assotiation,
  • European Pancreas Club
My hobby is sport. In the youth I pursued swimming. I was a master and champion of Poland many times. I participated in many international swimming meetings and won i.a. cup of Karpathia, 4 place in Championship of Socialistic Countries "Friendship". I am a World’s champion of Doktors in swimming.

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